Albania Flight Mission 2012-2019



Flight Missions 2012/2019 to combat illicit cannabis cultivation in Albania. Cooperation agreement among: Benecon University Consortium, SCIP of the Italian Interior Ministry, General Command of the ‘Guardia di Finanza’, Albanian Government and Police. Mapping and creation of a database of the Albanian territory through airborne surveys with hyperspectral and very high-resolution photographic sensors to contrast illicit cultivation of cannabis.

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The hyperspectral remote sensing activities in Albanian territory carried out from 2012 to 2019 were focused on the discretization of illicit cannabis plantations, hidden due to environmental orography or inaccessibility of places. Specific and targeted hyperspectral aerial remote sensing campaigns with the ITRES CASI-1500 sensor, suitable for recording the electromagnetic ‘responses’ of the natural and built environment in the segments of the electromagnetic spectrum ranging from 365 to 1050 nanometers. The appropriately processed data return ‘deep’ images of the natural and built territory structured by multiple spectral layers, which, appropriately classified, return thematic maps regarding: land use, vegetative stress of plants and crops, geological anomalies, botanical pollution, artificial soil materials, water pollution, just to mention the main critical applications.

Albania Flight Mission 2012-2019

 Hours of flight: 882

 Hours of post processing: 1.625

 Hours of Benecon Researchers in Albania: 10.080

 Square kilometres scanned: 40.710

 Number of Flight plans: 325