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The BENECON’s activities for the ‘Farmacia degli Incurabili e il Presidio Ospedaliero di Santa Maria del Popolo degli Incurabili’ are related to:

  • Terrestrial survey with multi-sensor technological platform (Laser Scanner, Trimble VX total station and Trimble R10 GNSS receiver) of the Farmacia degli Incurabili;
  • Activation of a telemetry network in connection with the BENECON Laboratory for the topographical survey of the monumental complex of the Incurabili with sub-centimeter precision;
  • Aerial survey in photogrammetric structure with hyperspectral CASI1500 sensor, very high resolution PhaseOne photographic sensor and TABI thermal sensor of the entire sector of the monumental complex of the Incurabili;
  • Laser scanner of the internal environments of the Farmacia Storica, Spiezeria and Sala del Governatore;
  • Air flight of the entire Monumental Complex;
  • Laser scanner of the internal hospital courtyard courtyard;
  • Laser scanner of the remaining elevations of the monumental complex on courtyards, vanellas and the overall restitution is compatible with the subsequent BIM modeling activity.