EXPOSOMA Project 2017/2019 to contrast heath issues (cancer) in the Campania Region. Cooperation agreement: Benecon University Consortium; Ali scarl; University of Naples Department of Chimical Science and Department of Medicine. Integration of ‘areal-ground-water’ surveys. Mapping and creation of a database of the territory of study through airborne surveys with hyperspectral, thermal, and very high optict resolution sensors to detect environmental pollution (Financed project: Financed project: POR CAMPANIA FESR 2014/2020 Asse 1 – O.S. 1.1 ‘Increasing of innovative activities of enterprises’ technology transfer and first industrialization projects for innovative companies with high potential for the fight against oncological diseases – Campania, Land of Good)

Processing of data and management of big data banks deriving from the integrated environmental monitoring between detection activities by means of airborne sensors, sensors positioned on the ground and by sampling different environmental matrices subject to specific laboratory investigations. Upgrade of dedicated software and use of specific algorithms for the post-processing of non-static thematic maps, capable of self-updating based on the flow of input data.